Ask for a 3D Printing Quote for Your 3D Printed Home

Time will surely come that every one of us would be asking for a 3D printing quote from one of the top and leading construction firms in the country to help build for us a house of our own. Not the traditional way, but with the help of 3D printing technology. 

But then again, in an ideal world, it will not always be as seamless as we want it to be. Are there any looming concerns about a 3D printed home? Would it be more affordable in terms of costs compared to our current traditional construction/building methods? Can we consider 3D printing as the more viable option for the homeless? 

Every time that we have a groundbreaking innovation coming to the market, it is usually accompanied by a particular price tag. Most of the time, it will be a hefty amount. 

Like for instance, the very first time that large concrete 3D printers were introduced to the market it rather had a sky-high price tag. But, much like how other innovative technologies fared in the past, the expensive price tags they originally came with gradually went down as new, more affordable and better products were introduced to the market and took their place instead. 

Industry experts estimate that a 3D printed home can be valued as low as around $10,000. It is also possible to go even lower than that amount. To give us an idea, here is an example of a 3D printed home in Russia. 

When it comes to developing and designing mobile construction 3D printers in Russia, Apis Cor is said to be leading the industry. This organization can efficiently handle and oversee the 3-dimension printing of an entire building, right on site.  

To showcase what their mobile construction 3D printer is capable of, the company built instead of an entire house, a 410-square-foot property. Apis Cor spent around $10,150 just to 3D print a simple house of decent quality. Indeed, everyone agrees that this figure is an incredibly low amount for a decent house building project. 

With respect to the company’s official website, below is a detailed breakdown of this cost:

  • Doors and windows treatment: $3548
  • Foundation: $277
  • Walls: $1624
  • Wiring: $242
  • Exterior finishing: $831
  • Interior finishing: $1178
  • Floor and roof: $2434

This 3D printed house they completed for showcasing what they are capable of is not bare and bland. It is not just an erected structure but fully embellished and furnished both inside and outside. 

As for the exterior element, the walls were given neat painting work, while the inside space was equipped with necessary appliances like the refrigerator, a flat-screen TV and a cosy sofa set for lounging and relaxation. All these and a couple of other pieces of furniture were brought into the house, to complete its look and functionality. 

In simple words, the company left no stone unturned just to be able to demonstrate to their clientele,  exactly how a finished 3-dimensional printed home could look like. This way, we can envision a life lived in a 3D printed house is going to be as normal as living in a home built the traditional way. 

So if you are going to request a 3D printing quote for the house of your dreams anytime soon, you can anticipate that the final outlay will be a normal looking, cosy, and functional abode. It is going to be a house with all the possible amenities that you will be looking for.