How To Take a DIY Styling Approach to Stage Your Home on a Budget?

It is crucial to keep in mind that when you are trying to sell your home, it is not just the number of baths and beds that you need to concern yourself about. More than anything else, you must work on how you can stir up the emotions of your potential buyers when they walk around it. 

The property buyers or those who are seriously looking for a home they can purchase usually have a list of criteria to use of what they would consider good value for a house. 

If you will delve deeper into this, you will be surprised to know that they are most drawn to residential properties that can evoke positive thoughts and feelings in them. This explains the reason why you need to style your home for staging purposes, and the DIY styling approach can be most helpful here.  

Below is a compilation of my home styling tips when you are on a budget. Time and again, each of these points I am giving has proven to help a lot in maximizing a home sale without the need to break the bank.   

home staging

Focus on the entry

Keep this in mind, the entryway to your home is crucial to making first impressions. Therefore, you need to work on this first. It does not matter if property hunters are aware of this or not, but the first thing they first take note of is if a home “feels” right for them. 

For this, take into account first how your home looks like, how its indoor spaces feel, and how it smells overall through the front door.  

There are various ways you can boost the ambiance around the entryway to your home, you can consider adding a console table with fresh foliage on top of it. Another viable option is to change the orientation of your sofas, this way you will not look at their backside. 

Adding a floor lamp to give the area some kind of soft lighting effect is highly recommended, it adds some needed drama, too.  

De-clutter because Less is More

One of the secrets to making astounding marketing photos of your home is to declutter it of everything unnecessary. By this measure, you will have no time in making a lasting first impression on your potential homebuyer.  

Some sellers are thinking that it is crucial to hang art on every single wall. But take warning on this and heed our call, this will create an unnecessary visual clutter to any space.  

What you can do instead is make an effort to create at least one focal point in every room. This may include the use of a piece of art but see to it that it will resonate with the color theme you have used to style the room. By doing this, you are going to have a space that is aesthetically pleasing and open.  

Fill it with light

If you are seriously looking for ways to engage your potential buyers the first time they walk into your home, fill it with light but don’t overdo it. Everything you do in excess can be disadvantageous.

If you will notice, every marketing photo of real properties, whether they are a residential unit, an office space, or whatnot, they are always properly lit. Why do you need to do this? Appropriate lighting will help create oomph and ambiance, and potential buyers will remember that. Therefore, you must invest in good lighting fixtures for this purpose.  

A nifty bedside lamp can be fetched for as little as $15 in some cheap retail outlets. Or you can go for a simple timber tripod lamp. This can cost you around $99, still very affordable at that amount.  

But there are also ways to introduce lighting inside your home without shelling out money. Like for example, you would want to trim back hedges and trees. Normally, without us being aware of it, they tend to block off window light. 

If you have blinds or curtains installed on your windows, you can leave them open instead during open house hours. A mirror hanging opposite a window is also advisable since it helps distribute light inside a room.  

Wrapping up!

It doesn’t really matter if you are taking on a DIY styling approach or if you are enlisting the help of a professional home stager to style your home, you need to present your property to potential buyers in such a way that it will highlight its good potential. Doing so without breaking your bank will make it possible to have a quicker sale with optimum value.