Is Public Swimming Safe During COVID Or Should You Settle in Using Your Hot Tub with Australian Spa Parts?

Is Public Swimming Safe During COVID Or Should You Settle in Using Your Hot Tub with Australian Spa Parts?

Come summertime, and you’d agree with me if I declare that this is the perfect time of the year to swim. Soaking in water is a form of relaxation we all want to have when the heat of the summer sun is just too much to bear.

But we all know that 2020 is unlike any other years in the past. It is not the typical year we are accustomed to having. In the midst of this pandemic, can you take a plunge and swim at a nearby lake, beach, or in a community pool, perhaps?  Or is it best that we have our own swim spa with Australian spa parts, instead. Is it much safer for us that way?

We reached out to the expert minds on this matter, and here is what they all have to say.

With respect to a report made by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no solid evidence that will show that the virus leading to COVID-19  can spread through water in outdoor water entertainment facilities such as hot tubs Sydney, pools, swim spas or water play areas.

Provided that water used in such facilities are cleaned and sanitized with the use of disinfectants, they are considerably safe to swim in. Chlorine and bromine are the chemical cleaning agents usually used in community pools. They should exterminate the virus that leads to COVID-19 upon contact.

In the absence of proper social distancing and lack of proper maintenance and cleaning, public pools and water parks easily become a suitable breeding ground for the virus and a host of other unseen microorganisms, and thus making them high-risk areas. The risks involved here are not so much about the water itself but has something to do with the density of the people in such areas gracing the venue at a time.

And when you are soaking wet, you’d have a hard time wearing a cloth mask.  It is important to keep in mind that during this time of uncertainty, public health departments are likely to coordinate with these recreation centers to decide whether they can operate or temporarily close their facility to the public.

is public swimming safe during covid

Can this COVID-19 virus spread via swimming pool water?

Absolutely not. As far as the experts in this field know, not a single reported case of transmission happened through swimming pool water or even via hot tubs for that matter, and this should remain so for as long as they are properly and regularly disinfected.

The coronavirus is not like bacteria. They can’t thrive or survive in water if it is sanitized. Viruses will not survive on their own, whether in the air, on a body of water, or surfaces.  They are practically just a lone strand of DNA or RNA. A living host is paramount for them to survive.

There are certain illnesses that can be transmitted through water. Typical examples of which are typhoid and cholera, but they are not caused by any virus. They are bacterial in nature.

In the case of the Covid-19, it is a viral infection. They can get transmitted via droplets from infected people. They’d unknowingly dispense the virus out when they sneeze or cough.  Classified as a type of respiratory virus, it is very unusual for them to be transmitted in water.

Now the looming question here is, do we need to observe social distancing in water just for us to stay safe?

Social distancing should be observed all the time, regardless of where you are. Swimming in a pool is no exemption here. If the person in the pool next to you coughs, there is a good possibility that you’d inhale their droplets. This is the typical way that an infectious respiratory virus could spread.

When you are inside a recreational environment, it is so much harder to observe and maintain safe distancing from everyone. This only goes to show that while there are no ebbing signs for the pandemic yet, the best thing we should do is to veer away from going to crowded places such as public pools and beaches.

If you have been itching lately to take a dip or have a relaxing soak in a pool of warm, relaxing water, we suggest that you consider instead a swim spa with Australian spa parts.

As of this writing, we have not contained the coronavirus yet, and out there is a continued transmission of the virus in many communities, and this is happening in so many places around the globe.

Therefore, our best line of defense at the moment is to stay home as much as possible and avoid going out. This is the contribution to the global community in the fight against the coronavirus.