What is a CNC Samson Plasma Table?

The working technology behind CNC plasma cutting torch is usually taken advantage of in cutting and processing of metal pieces. Normally, they are utilized for various fabrication and industrial purposes. A Samson hand-held plasma torch is an extraordinary cutting tool that lets you work on sheet metals, bolts, straps, pipes, metal plates, and many more.

They are also the perfect tool to have for your gouging tool concerns as well as for removing frayed welding works. There is indeed a sundry of uses for a handheld torch in terms of material cutting jobs. It does an excellent job when you need to cut small shapes from a steel plate, but they may not be good enough if you are after excellent edge quality or part accuracy for the vast majority of metal fabrication works. This is the underlying reason why you need to have CNC plasma for that and a samson plasma table to make the flow of work seamless.

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What is a CNC Samson Plasma Table System?

This is a system machine package that carries your invaluable plasma torch. It will help you in moving the torch in a particular direction or specific path with the help of a computer system. The term “CNC” is the abbreviation of “Computer Numerical Control”. This only signifies that your computer is used to direct the motion of the torch with respect to specialized numerical program code.

Mechanized Plasma Against Handheld Type

The plasma system of CNC plasma machines is of a different type when compared to those of the other handheld cutting applications. This one is designed specifically for use in the “mechanized” system of cutting. Plasma systems under the mechanized category are making use of a straight barrel torch. Sometimes this will come with a type of interface which the CNC system will have automatic control of.

There are available entry-level machines that can carry a torch that is intended for hand-held cutting and use. This includes the Samson plasma table machines. For machines that are primarily designed for serious fabrication or manufacturing use, a plasma system and a mechanized torch will help get the job done.

Why Cut with a Samson Plasma Table?

There is a sundry of practical reasons why the use of CNC plasma tables from Samson plasmacam is highly recommended as opposed to the use of a downdraft table. Water or plasma table is considered even by industry insiders as a more practical form of investment since they come at a cheaper price. They also alleviate the production of noise and remove the possibility or the occurrence of arc flash. It also significantly helps in the reduction of heat distortion as well as in keeping parts at their possible coolest temperature, just to name a few. In addition to this, despite the fact that they are a much older technology, a significant amount of oxy-fuel material cutting systems are still being marketed and sold to industries alongside with water or plasma cutting tables.

UnderWater Plasma System Cutting

The use of this type of table is primarily to observe underwater plasma cutting. With regard to the torch design, the torch can submerge in the water but still would successfully cut your required material sans requiring the use of any other additional hardware. But a good number of oxygen plasma cutters that are equipped with precision plasma capability will need an air-curtain and this can be clamped instead onto the torch.

The air curtain will make use of compressed air to allow it to produce a bubble which will surround the torch’s front end. By this measure, the precision arc is secured and protected against the water. Be aware that some plasma torches are not at all designed for underwater use. But even so, you can still have them to cut a plate set above water.