What is the Price of a Jamboard Online Interactive Whiteboard?

If you haven’t heard a buzz in the whiteboard industry, here is the latest thing about the Jamboard Google product. Google, the maker of the Jamboard online interactive whiteboard, is seriously keeping its promise of ensuring that their online whiteboard offering would be and remain under the  $6,000 price mark. 

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So, what is the price of a Jamboard interactive whiteboard today? 

Currently, Jamboard price is valued at $4,999 way easier on the budget of most small scale companies. In comparison to Cisco’s 55-inch Sparkboard and Microsoft’s Surface Hub, which has a market value of $8,999. Besides getting launched first to the market, they also pioneered shipping their items to their customers.  

This 55-inch whiteboard offering from Google was set to hit the market in May of 2017. The existing price mark for Jamboard online comes with two styli and one eraser. However, not factored in with this product package is the upkeep of the whiteboard device. 

But if you want to have some peace of mind in knowing you can have easy access to support and help for whatever anytime you require it, your IT department will need to shell out an additional annual amount of $600. This amount was halved to customers who availed the product in September of 2017. And as a bonus for those early patrons, Google decided to throw in their wall mount, too, free of charge.  

The product in its $5,000 price mark entitles customers to the 4K touch display that comes equipped with some cool and sophisticated handwriting recognition capability, in case that you, as a presenter, need to jot down something important in the course of, say, your meeting with the members of your team.

Naturally, also, the Jamboard online offering is engineered to work side by side with Google’s array of office apps and it utilizes also Google Cast for collaboration with mobile device users. 

It is safe to assume that not everyone owns a unit of this device at the moment. It is a bit way too early to think that Australian households would have one of their own considering that the product itself had its formal launch barely 2 years ago. 

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One of the highlights of Jamboard whiteboarding experience is the use of the 2K telepresence camera. With the caliber of this camera feature, it will take your entire whiteboarding experience to a whole new level due to its crisp imaging capability. Hence, giving users the vibe that everyone in the jam session is in the same room, when in fact everyone else is remotely projected only.   

From a customer’s point of view, we can say that Google was very successful when it comes to bringing in some design chops to the table for their Jamboard online offering. Compared to others in this product trio (Cisco’s SparkBoard, Microsoft’s Surface Hub), Jamboard is by far, the nicest looking product of them all

Jamboard interactive whiteboard is pretty much user-friendly and relatively portable too, and we will attribute this to the set of wheels it comes in. These two are among the major sticking points in every teleconferencing equipment. 

Early tests indicate that Jamboard users will find the device easy to operate, although we honestly think that it would be a good idea to take it in a less controlled environment for a good spin. 

Aside from the Jamboard price and all, business entities’ decisions would likely come down to the software applications they have already invested in. As far as we all know, Microsoft cornered this market long ago but despite all that, Google has successfully but gradually, made genuine progress in this area in recent years.